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Pledge to Reduce Plastic Water Bottle Use

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Canadians drank an average of 66 litres of bottled water each in 2006. A Statistics Canada analysis found that nearly 30 per cent of Canadians chose bottled water as their main source of drinking water in 2008.

Each PET plastic water bottle manufactured generates almost four times its weight in greenhouse gases and releases at least two carcinogens in the process. Hundreds of millions of PET beverage bottles end up in Canadian landfills each year.

Whether measured by energy use, greenhouse or toxic emissions, or the volume of plastic waste, PET plastic beverage bottles are creating an enormous environmental footprint — a footprint that will grow as long as water bottles sales continue to increase. Please help make a difference by pledging to buy fewer PET plastic water bottles.

CancerSmart Consumer Guide
CancerSmart 3.1 is now available!
CancerSmart 3.1, the latest update to the popular Guide, is now available as a free PDF download.

Environmental Exposure: the CancerSmart guide to breast cancer prevention
Environmental Exposure: the CancerSmart guide to breast cancer prevention

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