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Right-to-Know Campaign

If your household products were exposing you or your children to toxic chemicals that could potentially cause cancer or reproductive damage, shouldn't you have the right to know? We believe you should. We're Toxic-Free Canada, the new voice of the Labour Environmental Alliance Society (LEAS). We believe that the right to know is a fundamental right — and with it, the power to change.

That's why we're working with other groups and campaigning for federal right-to-know legislation that would require ingredient and hazard labelling for household products. We believe that any hazardous ingredients, such as carcinogens or reproductive toxins, should be identified, so that consumers can make informed choices.

You Can Help!

Join our right to know campaign and work with us to create a Toxic Free Canada. Take action by signing up to our newsletters or hot list so you can keep up to date on what's happening with legislation, new product research, or what's up in your community. If you care but don't have time to get involved, you could support us with a gift or monthly donation. Even joining our mailing lists helps us receive additional funding from our sponsors.

Get Informed

To find out what's in your household products, order our CancerSmart Consumer Guide, also available in french entitled Diminuez les risques de cancer : guide du consommateur averti.

Raffi Cavoukian

You are invited to share your story and questions with us and become part of the greater dialogue, much like our friend Raffi Cavoukian has done (Letter from Raffi Cavoukian).

CancerSmart Consumer Guide
CancerSmart 3.1 is now available!
CancerSmart 3.1, the latest update to the popular Guide, is now available as a free PDF download.

Environmental Exposure: the CancerSmart guide to breast cancer prevention
Environmental Exposure: the CancerSmart guide to breast cancer prevention

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Cleaners and Toxins Guide
Cleaners and Toxins Guide (pdf)
Want to review the cleaning products used in your workplace? Get the 28-page Cleaners and Toxins Guide, a free pdf download.